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Traveling in Nanning

Located in the subtropical region, Nanning contains the typical landforms of mountains, hills and basins, with an average elevation of 76.5 m. It has a mild climate and abundant rainfall, with an average annual temperature of 21.7℃ and an average annual rainfall of 1,420 mm. Trees are shady, fruits are fragrant, mountains are green, and rivers are blue throughout the year. “Grass survives the winter and flowers never wither”. Here, there are 39 national 4A level or above scenic spots, such as Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Spot and Daming Mountain Scenic Spot, and 289 cultural relics protection units at various levels including the Dingsishan site, the former site of the Battle of Kunlun Pass and Fubo Temple. In Nanning, the number of national intangible cultural heritage is beyond count, including Zhuang Song Fair, Zhuang Three-part Folk Song, Yong Opera, Binyang Firecracker Dragon Festival, Legend of the Hundred Birds Costume of the Zhuang Ethnic Group, Guangxi Cantonese Opera (Southern-style Cantonese Opera), and Zhuang Sanyuesan Festival.