Three-day package tour launched in Nanning


Recently, Nanning Municipal Tourism Development Commission organized an  inspection on the three-day package tour of Nanning for travel agencies and  media delegates from 14 prefecture-level cities of Guangxi including Nanning,  Liuzhou and Guilin to enjoy beautiful scenery of Nanning.

It is understood that the three-day package tour has been built on the basis  of the one-day package tour and the two-day package tour of the city. The  three-day package tour mainly focuses on Qingxiu Mountain, Fantawild Asian  Legend, Yongjiang River tour, Polar Ocean World and Nanning Garden Expo Park,  and integrates with Daming Mountain Healthcare and Leisure Tourism Route and  tourism resources in Shanglin, Mashan and Wuming, with tourism elements of  relaxation tour, scientific education tour, ethnic tour, rural tour and  historical and cultural tour. From this three-day and two-night tourism  activity, tourists can experience the scenery, cuisine, diverse culture,  convenient transportation and high livability of Nanning.

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