“Charming Culture of Zhuang Nationality, Miles of Camphor Trees” Ecological Leisure Tourist Route


Luye Industrial Demonstration Zone of Zhonghe Village, Yongning District is strewn with numerous camphor trees, up and down along the hills. The zone, built by Guangxi Yunonggongying Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., on the transferred land (farmers are entitled to lease their contracted farmland or transfer their land-use rights) of Zhonghe Village, was awarded “Guangxi Modern Characteristic Agricultural Demonstration Zone at County-level” in 2017. The zone has led to the planting of 2,600 acres camphor trees in the town.

Zhonghe Village, Yongning District is under its way to build an ecological & leisure tourist route featured by “Charming Culture of Zhuang Nationality, Miles of Camphor Trees”. In the near future, Yongning District will complete an industrial chain related to camphor trees, including oil extraction, deep processing and end products; as well as a resort area making pleasure-in-farmhouse, health care and aquatic sports possible, with camphor trees as its main theme.

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