Tourist Route of Kunlun Gold Road


Tourist Route of Kunlun Gold Road: Rural World - Gentle Hot Spring - Jiuquwan Spa - Phoenix Valley -Kunlun Pass Scenic Area

A Brief Introduction to the Rural World

Nanning Rural World lies by the conveniently located Kunlun Road, with a total area of more than 1,000 mu, which is 10 kilometers away from Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. The scenic area is just like a fairyland with adjoining mountains and rivers, flowers and fruits at all seasons and fascinating idyllic scenery. In early spring, peach blossom, bougainvillea speetabilis and allamanda schottii are in full bloom so that spring is evident everywhere. In summer, it is mixed with incense under the grape trellis, which attracts millions of visitors. In the golden autumn, the sunrise and sunset add radiance and beauty to each other. In midwinter, you can enjoy the idyllic life like village picnics, lake-side fishing and the outdoor sports.


The scenic area is fully equipped with infrastructures and supporting facilities. The human landscapes such as multifunctional meeting rooms, Qingzunge Restaurant, waterfront villas, field city, developing base and off-road racing field dazzle visitors, integrating food, housing, travel and entertainment. The Rural World is the ideal place for you to eco-travel, sightsee and relax on holidays for its excellent service, elegant environment, comfortable, safe environment and harmonious coexistence with nature since the development and construction.

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