Railway department re-connects 8 bullet trains to serve Start-fishing Festival


Recently, it was learned from the China Railway Nanning Group Co., Ltd. that in order to meet the passengers’ travel needs, the railway department will re-connect 8 bullet trains heading over Beibu Gulf from August 16th to 19th to serve the first Start-fishing Festival of Beibu Gulf in China.

As the festival coincides with summer vacations and weekends, there will be a surge in passenger flow. It is predicted that during the festival, Fangchenggang will receive 200,000 visitors. In order to serve the passengers’ travel, Guangxi’s coastal railway stations such as Fangchenggang North Station and Beihai Station have strengthened communication and coordination with the local government departments to optimize the travel time and frequency of the sight-seeing buses and shuttle buses at high-speed rail stations, and strive to achieve accurate and convenient transfer between the railway and the bus, so as to facilitate the “last mile” of passengers’ travel.

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