Daming Mountain Folk Song Fair in 2018 held in Daming Mountain in July


Recently, hosted by Management Committee of Nanning Daming Mountain Scenic Area, and jointly organized by China Telecom Guangxi Branch Co., Ltd. and “Green Guangxi” TV Program, Daming Mountain Folk Song Fair— Melodious Songs Winding across Mountains— was staged in Daming Mountain Scenic Area. The fair, together with “Three Cultural Treasures” of Mashan County, was a gift to the Party’s 97th anniversary.

Daming Mountain lies to four counties (districts): Wuming, Shanglin, Mashan and Binyang. It is an important birthplace of Zhuang nationality’s culture and has a profound historical and cultural heritage. Characteristic programs of Mashan County will be presented on the stage in July, and cultures of these 4 counties (districts) will take turns to be staged in the following folk song fairs, so as to develop the culture and tourism of Daming Mountain.

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