“Zhuang Nationality San Yue San” Tourism and Cultural Consumption Brand Performance to be held in Xingning District


It is learned from Xingning District that the “Century-old Trading Port” — “Zhuang Nationality San Yue San Carnival in Bagui” Tourism and Cultural Consumption Brand Performance 2018 (“San Yue San” refers to Guangxi’s traditional festival on the third day of the third lunar month) will be held in the Jiuquwan Hot Spring Resort on 14th of April.

This activity includes folk and art performances. Folk songs and dances with ethnic minority characteristics in Guangxi will be performed, such as Guangxi Nidiya, Cypress folk songs and Xingning love songs.

Ethnic features, local features, and the ethnic cultures and folk styles in Xingning District will be demonstrated through dances and songs. The organizer of this event will set farm tool experience areas. Tourists can have a look at the pounding rice cake dance and bamboo dance of Zhuang nationality, taste the local ethnic foods and participate in the activities of ethnic minorities.

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