Traditional handicrafts of Duhegong


It is a folk custom of Zhuang people in the area of Sanli Town, Shanglin County, Nanning City to make handicrafts of Duhegong. Duhegong’s rudiment is a man with no face but with black head and no braid embracing a pumpkin with his hands and feet. “Duhegong” is all handmade handicraft mostly made by fabrics. The fabric made man is in costumes from the Ming Dynasty. And the “pumpkin” is filled with dried Chinese wormwood, angelica root, atractlodis rhizoma and other traditional Chinese herbal medicine. The finished "Duhegong" can be hung with red or yellow silk thread. People make "Duhegong" to commemorate the ancestors, pray for the peace and favorable climatic weather as well as future well-being. “Duhegong” has been listed as the national intangible cultural heritage in Nanning.

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