Hui Drum Pendant


Masan County is called "the land of Hui Drum of China". Zhuang nationality's Hui Drum of Mashan began in the early Song dynasty, and got its boom during Ming and Qing dynasties. The original function of Hui Drum is to exorcise the evil spirits, forecast the enemy's situation and pray for good luck. In ancient times, every village appoints a man to play the drum for a month during the Spring Festival or during a major celebration. The reason for the incessant sound of drums is not only to prevent the people from invading for an alarm, but also to exorcise the evil spirits, bless the village's peace and pray for the next year.

With the social development and the change of times, the drum at present are used for Hui Drum's activities and competitions in the traditional festival and the major festival of a mass character, which keeps boom year after year in Zhuang region of Masan. The winner of this competition is decided by the drum team with powerful lineup and resonant, rhythmical and variable drumbeats. Among Masan's existing drums, most of them have a long history. In 1956, the Museum of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has approved the a nearly 400-year drum as a collection of artifacts. The decorative pendant, taking Masan Zhuang's drum as a prototype, is based on wood and knitting crafts with the new design and packaging, which is small and exquisite so as to be taken along, and its appealing design is worth watching.

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