Debut of Nanning International Tourism Center


As an important public service facility and people's livelihood project of  Nanning, the Nanning International Tourism Center made its debut through the  successful completion of Tower A. After its official operation, a new terminal  building will be added in the urban area of Nanning for citizens near  Nanningdong Station to take the airport shuttle bus conveniently.

Except for the main function of providing the waiting room and convenience  for passengers going to and fro between Nanningdong Station and Wuxu  International Airport, this terminal building is also equipped with tourist  consultation center, waiting area, tourism business center and other service  areas in the first floor of Tower A. Among them, the tourism business center can  handle the professional procedures of car-sharing, car rental, translation and  visa, and provide the selection of special tourist buses. Besides, there are a  gift selling area on the second floor, and tourism exchange center, tourism  complaint handling center, tourism comprehensive law enforcement room, tourism  big data center and tourism dispatching command center on the third floor, which  can allow visitors to make a planning before trip and to enjoy a perfect  journey.

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