Daming Mountain Scenic Spot reopened to tourists in National Holiday with ticket price falling down to 96 yuan per person


According to Daming Mountain Tourism Development Group lately, Daming Mountain Scenic Spot will be reopened to tourists on October 1. The number of individual tourists will be limited at 600 per day and the entry of social vehicles will be restricted. In accordance with the “Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Nature Reserves”, self-drive vehicles are prohibited from entering the scenic spot. Tourists can park their vehicles within the designated zone at the entrance and turn to other traffic means of the scenic spot. In addition, smoking and fire are strictly prohibited in the scenic spot, and violators will be subject to punishments.

Meanwhile, required by the price regulation authorities of Guangxi and Nanning, the admission ticket price of the scenic spot will be reduced by 25% from 128 yuan to 96 yuan per person since October 1. The traffic fare there will be discounted from 80 yuan per person (including that of reaching to the top and going downhill) to 60 yuan during October 1 to 31.

Ticket-booking via: online booking only of admission ticket and traffic ticket through WeChat official account of "Guangxi Daming Mountain Tourism", or the official website of www.gxdms.com. Reminder to citizen tourists: due to restricted number of reception, please book the tickets online before arrival.

In-service time of traffic vehicles in the scenic spot: 8:00 am to 17:00 pm.

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