Wonderful activities attract visitors during Golden Week


After the Mid-Autumn Festival comes the National Day. Wonderful activities in addition to themed events have been organized to attract visitors and to take advantage of favorable policies for promotion of local tourism. Visitors can go to a fair or join a carnival in the forest.

Among all these activities, the Golden Autumn Carnival and Activity themed at Healthcare in Liangfengjiang National Forest Park include barbecue for families, romantic camping, jogging in the forest, etc. There is also the 13th Chestnut Gourmet Festival held in Longhu Mountain. The scenic spot provides visitors with a wonderful show about frying chestnuts. In other words, visitors can enjoy the performance, participate in frying chestnuts and taste the delicious food. Additionally, young people of Zhuang minority from Jinlong Village of Longhu Mountain will sing and dance to celebrate the harvest and impress visitors with folk culture activities.

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