Summer activities in some scenic spots in Nanning


With the arrival of students' summer vacations, some tourist attractions, venues and travel agencies in Nanning have launched corresponding theme tours.

The Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area held an aquatic flower exhibition, which would last until September, and exhibited more than 30 varieties of nearly 30,000 aquatic flowers. During the event, there are a number of experience activities, in which visitors can learn to make bowls of lotus, and can also enjoy lotus tea. In addition, the Caribbean Water World of Nanning Zoo will launch a summer event before the end of July. Following the WeChat public account “Nanning Zoo Smart Center”, you can enter the Caribbean Water World with the electronic adult ticket of 70 yuan/person (the original price is 100 yuan/person), and the electronic student ticket of 45 yuan/person (the original price is 60 yuan/person); at the same time, the Caribbean Water World will also launch the unlimited play card with a minimum price of 180 yuan/person.

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