Shanglin Travel Guide


Best travel time

In the spring of February and March, more than a hundred acres of rape flowers in Shanglin County are competing in full bloom. The golden sea of flowers is the best place for photography. In the cold winter of December, there are also hundreds of acres of oil sunflowers booming in Shanglin County.

Dressing guide

As early as mid-February, Nanning has entered the spring meteorologically. However, due to the constant influence of cold air, Shanglin is still covered by continuous rain and its temperature is low at the beginning of the spring. Therefore, a thicker coat is still needed. Pay attention to the weather forecast. It is not recommended to travel during the rainy season. In December, when you admire oil sunflowers, you must have winter clothes.


The Southwest Mandarin of Shanglin County is mainly used in the county, the Tea Plantation in Daming Mountain, Liumao, Huanshan, and Sanli Street in Dongchun. Pinghua is distributed in Baixu Town; Hakka Chinese has been spoken by more than 12,000 Hakka people who are mainly in Chengtai and Baixu, accounting for 3% of the total population.

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