How to choose travel agency before travelling


First of all, we must understand the basic laws and regulations concerning the tourism industry and acquire basic knowledge of travel agencies. At present, travel agencies are divided into two categories: international travel agencies and domestic travel agencies. The former can operate inbound tourism, outbound tourism, border tourism, domestic travel, and execute import and export formalities. The latter can only operate domestic travel and domestic tourism related businesses.

Secondly, if you are going to purchase a ticket at the branch of a specific travel agency (namely the distribution outlets), it is necessary to confirm whether it is affiliated with that travel agency and whether there are a license and two certificates, namely business license, business certificate, and quality deposit payment certificate (generally they all are Copies).

Thirdly, all legal travel agencies must sign tourist service contracts with tourists. The contract involves many details in the travel process, such as schedules, transportation and its standards, accommodation, meals, and so on.

Fourth, we must jump out of the vicious cycle of seeking low prices and disregarding the low quality of service. You cannot simply measure the merits of a travel agency by price. Offers of some travel agencies seem to be inexpensive, but as low prices often are accompanied with low quality, these offers usually lead to grumbles and complaints.

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