Make sure to prevent meteorological disasters when travelling in summer


In summer, when traveling to the beach, the temperature is relatively high, resulting in high occurrence of heatstroke. Therefore, heatstroke prevention is one of the most important matters in the itinerary. First of all, try to set off earlier, because the mornings are relatively cool. Between 12:00 and 14:00 at noon, when the sun is the strongest, you had better stay in cool place, rather than go to beach. In July and August, when the coastal typhoon peaked, it is crucial to pay attention to whether or not a typhoon will be generated when planning a trip. The landing of typhoons often brings rainstorm, storm surge and other weather.

In addition, there are a large amount of tourists who died from lightning storms every year when climbing a mountain or the Great Walls, to which everyone shall pay full attention. Before the advent of strong convective weather, meteorological departments will usually issue storms and lightning warnings in advance, and you must be highly alert when receiving such information. Rainstorm also easily triggers geological disasters such as torrential flood, mudslides, and so on, causing mountain collapse, road disruption, and threatening human life safety. However, many beautiful scenic spots are in the mountainous areas. When we go to the mountainous areas where geological disasters occur frequently, it’s necessary for us to master some common knowledge of escape and self-rescue, so we can easily deal with emergencies.

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