Travel tips


1. To know the key points of walking when traveling in the scenes. Those who know the key points can enjoy themselves well; otherwise you may be tired, nervous, or even injured.

2. Do not jump when walking. Walking too fast and bouncing will increase the burden of your knees, and easily to get tired or hurt.

3. Do not rush. Uniform walking saves strength, and also helps you keep a good attitude; while periodically rush walking is the most tiring way.

4. Go quickly and back slowly. You can walk a little faster in the morning and walk slowly when back in the evening to avoid fatigue joints and tendons injury.

5. Do walk the steps but not the slope. When going up and down the mountains, walk on the stone steps rather than the slope. This is more in line with mechanical and physiological requirements, safe and energy-saving.

6. Choose the hard ground but not the soft one. Walking on the hard ground such as cement, asphalt, slate is more energy-saving and safer than on the soft ground such as grass, riverbanks and wetlands.

7. Avoid the slippery path and choose the rough one. It is advisable to bypass the slippery and dangerous ice road and sand stone slope and choose the more rough snow field and grass slope.

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