New tourist distribution center appears in Nanning City


Recently, Nanning Jiangnan Tourism Distribution Center, which is constructed and operated by Guangxi Chaoda Group, was formally opened and operated. This is the fifth tourism distribution center in Nanning. It is also Nanning’s third tourism distribution center which is set up in the large bus terminal following Langdong Terminal and Anji Terminal. At this point, there are tourism distribution centers in the "east, west, south, north and center" of the urban area of Nanning.

The distribution center, located in Jiangnan Terminal, next to the ticket hall, it is the third tourism distribution center set up in the large passenger terminal. As the transportation hub in southern Nanning, Jiangnan Terminal has an annual throughput of 8 million passengers and connects with Metro Line 2 and airport shuttle bus. "In the future, it will not only be convenient for citizens to take a shuttle bus, but also have the function of tourism distribution". In recent years, the number of highway passenger transportation volume has dropped, in addition to the demand for returning home to visit relatives and other rigid demand, the market for tourism and leisure travel is expanding, and the demand for passenger transport is increasing. Jiangnan Terminal has more than 200 bus lines, reaching the whole region and some domestic cities. Jiangnan Terminal will launch both the long-distance travel as far as Qingdao of Shandong, and short-distance travel solutions to Beautiful South, Wanda Mall, China-ASEAN Cultural Expo Park, Garden Expo Park and other places.

Another two tourism distribution center in Nanning are the distribution center in Nanning Freight West Station located at No.51, University Road, and Nanning International Tourism Distribution Center located in You’ai Road respectively.

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