First tunnel in Southern Xinjiang - Longjing Expressway cut through


Recently, the reporter learned from the China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Co., Ltd. that Longbang Tunnel of Longjing Expressway which is under construction had been cut through. Thanks to its unique geographical advantages, this 2.92 km-long tunnel is known as the throat of traffic from western Guangxi, eastern Yunnan and southern Guizhou to Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia. The entire Longjing Expressway is planned to be completed and opened to traffic this June.

It is learned that Longjing Expressway with an investment of about RMB 2.44 billion, is an important part of the "7 vertical" lines from Yinchuan to Baise Expressway of "6 horizontal, 7 vertical and 8 branches" in "Expressway Network Planning of Guangxi (2010-2020)". The project starts at Jiuzhou Village in Xinjing Town of Jingxi City, Guangxi Province and ends at the customs building at Longbang Port, adjacent to the Sino-Vietnamese border and across several mountains. It has a total mileage of 28.28km, with two-way four lanes, asphalt concrete pavement, and the designed driving speed is of 100 km/h.

At present, Longjing Expressway not only has Longbang Tunnel cut through, but also has the other four tunnels cut through safely and successfully. The roadbed, drainage and the culvert project are also completed. It now has the road basis construction carried out at large scale and will be opened to traffic this June. By then, the project will transform the mountain forests and natural moat in the border area of western Guangxi into thoroughfare, shortening the driving time from Jingxi to Longbang Port from over 40 minutes to 20 minutes.

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