2017 Nanning Southeast Asia International Tourism Food Festival to open on September 9


2017 Nanning Southeast Asia International Tourism Food Festival will be held from September 9 to 17 in China South City (Hua’nancheng).

This food festival will launch activities in four fields, namely food, tourism promotion, culture and shopping. Citizens and tourists can enjoy gourmet food with free admission. A lot of food merchants at home and abroad have responded enthusiastically to the food festival. At present, the merchants inviting work for the food booths has been completed, and the main structure of the site is under construction.

The food festival, as an important supporting activity of China-ASEAN Expo, has been held for 18 consecutive years. Over the years, the food festival has gradually become a famous tourism festival brand of Nanning and Guangxi, playing a positive role in attracting a vast number of local, domestic and overseas tourists to Nanning for tour and sightseeing, and in promoting the development of Nanning’s tourism economy.

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