Wuming District Vigorously Develops Ecological and Cultural Tourism


Wuming District has been vigorously developing ecological and cultural tourism for years via taking full advantages of its achievements made in rural constructions.

It constructed an ecological tourism area characterized by flavors of Zhuang nationality, which is centered on Daming Mountain, Yiling Rock Cave, the Flower World and integrated with demonstration villages such as Futangtun, Dawutun, Laoyangtun.

It also integrates cultural resources related to Qifeng Mountain, Luobo Temple, and Ancient Luoyue Relics in Matou Town, etc, so as to build the brand as Luoyue cultural tourism. Simultaneously, local authorities lay stress on demonstration villages such as Futangtun, Dawutun and Luobo Luoyue-style Town to exhibit architectural style featured with flavor of Zhuang nationality, folk custom, typical local dish, ethnic costumes, national craftsmanship, etc, which offers a panoramic view of Zhuang ethnic minority.

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