Nakao River Wetland Park of Nanning in Focus of CCTV


CCTV has made a live telecast of how Nakao River of Nanning went from “a stinking ditch” to a wetland park in the TV series named Hard-won Beautiful Scenery on June 4th. From diverse angles, the episode has demonstrated the ecological changes of the river and achievements made in comprehensive ecological improvement.

June 5th, 2017 is the 46th World Environment Day and the first World Environment Day after enactment of the New Environment Protection Law. To celebrate the special day, CCTV has launched the Hard-won Beautiful Scenery to show the audience the changes of ecological environment. In addition, it urges social members to respect, protect and conform to nature, lead an eco-friendly life, and jointly make China into a beautiful country.

These days, the wetland park has been a scenic spot for leisure and tourism of citizens and an attractive brand of Nanning. After the telecast, it is expected to draw great attention and this brand will impress people all over the country.

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