Guangxi launches series of activities on whole-region tourism promotion


In recent days, 8 teams comprised by 40 touring experts went to 11 whole-region touring cities and counties of Guangxi for investigations, which lasted for 6 days, indicating that the improvement and promotion activities on developing Guangxi whole-region tourism jointly organized by the Tourism Development Committee of Guangxi and China Tourism News were officially launched.

It is introduced that invitations to famous experts, scholars and industrial representatives have been made, and by theme speeches, high-end talks and experience exchanges and etc, the Guangxi pattern on whole-region tourism would be interpreted and discussed, and that experts would be gathered to conduct on-site supervisions and guidance on Guangxi's development for whole-region tourism participants for a summary of achievements and deficiencies to conclude improvement plans, and that the special reports from China Tourism and various major media would be made full use of to promote the Guangxi pattern on whole-region tourism throughout China and to highlight the position of whole-region tourism in Guangxi's country economies.

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