Beibu Gulf Airlines to open international routes such as Nanning-Singapore route


Recently, it was learned from the 2018 Winter and Spring Air Routes Promotion  Conference of Beibu Gulf Airlines that the company would open a number of  international routes from Nanning to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, intending to  realize daily direct flights to capitals of all ASEAN countries within two  years. In addition, a number of new domestic routes will also be opened.

As it turns to winter and spring on October 28 this year, Beibu Gulf Airlines  will open 13 new routes, including Sanya-Hefei-Harbin, Sanya-Jinan-Harbin and  Nanning-Zhengzhou-Tianjin routes, and restore Nanning-Luzhou-Lanzhou,  Changsha-Weifang-Shenyang and other routes. Besides, it plans to accomplish  Sanya-Jinan-Harbin route and other 55 domestic routes which will reach 55 cities  in 24 provinces.

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