Mid-autumn train tickets on sale while National Day holiday train tickets to be on sale


Recently, the back-to-school summer holiday train rush has just begun when mid-autumn train tickets are on sale comprehensively. National Day holiday train tickets are to be on sale from September 2 onwards. The close proximity of the two holidays means that the scramble for tickets lasting well over a week will make ticket-buying a nerve-wracking business.

The mid-autumn holidays last from September 22 to 24, 3 days altogether. According to regulations of buying train tickets of 30 days prior to departure, mid-autumn tickets are well on sale comprehensively. In addition, the 7-day National Day holidays, which closely follow the mid-autumn holidays, begin on October 1 and end on October 7. Train tickets for National Day holidays will be on sale from September 2. Personnel from railway authorities remind passengers that tickets for the two holidays will be in short supply and advise passengers to plan in advance and buy tickets as early as possible.

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