Nanning taxi industry launches “A Responsible and Rest Assured Ride” campaign


On March 15th, the taxi industry in Nanning launched the “A Responsible and Rest Assured Ride” campaign, which will further create an honest business environment and present a new image of the industry.

At the launching ceremony, the driver’s representative affixed the eye-catching “A Responsible and Rest Assured Ride” logo to the taxi, and solemnly promised to continue the “Polite Zebra Crossing” campaign to strengthen industry supervision, self-discipline, and safety training, thus providing sound environment for passengers.

There are altogether 11 taxi companies and 8 car-hailing platforms in Nanning up to now. In 2017, almost all (99.95%) taxis drivers drove politely, which means stopping for the passengers at the zebra crossing has been prevailing in the whole industry.

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