Nanning operates temporary bus lines during Tomb Sweeping Day and “San Yue San” festival holidays


As learned from the Nanning Communications and Transportation Bureau on April 2, in order to provide better transportation for the 2018 Tomb Sweeping Day and “San Yue San” festival holidays (Guangxi’s traditional festival on the third day of the third lunar month), the municipal Communications and Transportation Bureau will provide all kinds of transportation services such as “subway + bus”, bus line for tomb sweeping, bus rapid transit (BRT) and chartered bus to make the tomb sweeping and outdoor activities safe and well-organized.

From 14th to 22nd of April, Nanning will operate 2 temporary free bus lines for “San Yue San · Market Gathering” — the fourth Huanan City Folk Culture Shopping Festival. Bus line 1: Chaoyang Square-Huanan City. Bus line 2: Zhuxi Lijiao-Huanan City.

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