Nanning Wuxu International Airport estimated to receive over 220,000 passengers during National Day holiday


During the 2016 National Day holiday, Nanning Wuxu International Airport is estimated to achieve a passenger volume of 224,000, with 1750 air sorties.

It is known that the passenger flow in Wuxu Airport would reveal a trend of more flights on the first or last day with massive passenger flow and a stable passenger flow during the middle days. On October 1, the price of the air ticket in some cities was rising gradually, for example, the price of the air ticket from Nanning to places like Sanya, Guangzhou and Kunming was of 10% discount or full price. From October 2, the price of the air ticket began to drop. By October 6, the return travel peak has made the price rise again.

As for return tickets, from October 6 to 7, the price of the air ticket from places like Changsha, Guangzhou and Kunming to Nanning is relatively high, with 10% discount or full price; the air tickets from places like Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing to Nanning can still have a discount; airlines to ASEAN countries like Bangkok, Siem Reap and Bali Island are still popular, and advance purchase is recommended.

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