Passengers highly appreciate NNRT’s safety and services


On April 25th, the “2017 Quality Assessment Report on Nanning Rail Transit Operation and Service” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) was issued by a third party agency commissioned by the Nanning Municipal Transportation Commission. The report showed that in the survey of passengers' overall evaluation of the subway service quality, the most satisfactory parts were safety, equipment reliability and personnel services.

The report adopted a questionnaire and other methods to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the operation, safety, and service of Nanning Rail Transit Line 1 from the perspective of passenger satisfaction. It found out the strengths and weaknesses of operational services in a timely manner, formed an appraisive conclusion, and proposed targeted countermeasures to improve the operation and management level and service quality.

According to the assessment indicators, the good performances of Nanning Rail Transit Line 1 mainly include increased attraction to passengers, excellent performance in driving services, high reliability of various equipment, fewer complaints from passengers, and high level of passenger acceptance, safety, and institutional guarantee.

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