Nanning Taxis Change New Dome Lights


Recently, the new taxi intelligent dome lights and vehicle on-board terminal devices were first put into trial use in the 500 newly-updated vehicles of Nanning Zhonglu Taxi Company and Nanning Jiuzhou Taxi Company. The new dome light has Chinese and English logo, which can effectively prevent forgery. The new terminal device has newly-added online call, non-cash payment and other functions, making citizens’ travel more convenient.

The General Manager of Nanning Zhonglu Taxi Company, Tan Renwei said that the new taxi dome light, with strong anti-counterfeiting characteristics, can effectively prevent forgery, and be easy to identify counterfeit taxi. The new dome light can switch among such three types of status as empty, occupancy and on-call, while the old dome light between two types of status like occupancy and empty.

By June this year, taxis of Nanning Zhonglu Taxi Company and Nanning Jiuzhou Taxi Company will fully change new dome lights, and that of vehicles of other companies will be replaced with new lights gradually.

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