Qingshan Bridge Becomes New Holiday Attraction


During the "May Day" holiday, Qingshan Bridge, known as "the most beautiful crossing-river bridge over Yongjiang River", becomes a good place for recreation and sightseeing to citizens in Nanning.

Most main towers of Nanning’s crossing-river bridges are in "H" shape, "Y" shape and "A" shape, while the main tower of Qingshan Bridge is in a curved shape, which appears for the first time in the construction history of Nanning’s bridge. The whole bridge features with light structure, and belongs to double-tower and double-cable plane overlapping beam cable-stayed bridge, among which the shape of the main bridge tower, inspired by the idea of "Zhuang style tower", is evolved from Zhuang’s headband, showing a vivid ethnic presence.

On May 1, many people came to Qingshan Bridge by car, bike or walk, to experience the visual impact of the bridge. Some of them even took out cameras and video cameras to record the majestic appearance of the bridge.

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