“All-in-one” Card of Guangxi High-speed Rail Put on Sale on March 15


On March 15, the silver “all-in-one” cards of China Railway were officially released and put into use in 12 high-speed railway stations in Beihai–Nanning–Guilin line, and visitors can enter the station by swiping the card.

To get an “all-in-one” card, passengers only need to take their ID cards to the site to fill out an application form. It takes only 3-5 minutes to go through the formalities. It is known, “all-in-one” card of the high-speed rail is classified into gold card and silver card: the former is deducted according to the ticket price of first-class seat (for first-class carriage use); while the latter to the ticket price of second-class seat (for second-class carriage use). Gold card should be recharged 500 yuan (inclusive) or more at purchasing; while silver card 300 yuan (inclusive) or more. The card is for card holder use only. Encashment, interest accrual and overdraft are not allowed.

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