85% of online-purchased train tickets need no verification code


Recently, the reporter learned from the railway department that during the Spring Festival travel this year, 85% of the train tickets were not required for verification codes when passengers purchased train tickets on the official website and mobile phone application of 12306, making it even easier for passengers to purchase tickets.

When the reporter logged in the official website of 12306 to purchase ticket, he found that the pre-order of tickets to some popular cities such as Guangzhou still required for verification code, but the pre-order to places like Beihai and Baise could be directly processed without code.

This year the situation has changed. According to the deployment of China Railway Corporation, this year the proportion of the online purchase of train tickets with verification code during Spring Festival will be compressed to 15% or less. The tickets requiring for verification codes will come up according to the popularity of the route and the train number every day, that is to say, in order to reduce the pressure of instantaneous ticket purchase, graph verification codes will randomly come up, but it is not hard to identify. However, for those non-popular routes, passengers can purchase the tickets without the verification code.

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