Nanning subway makes adjustments in train interval time


In order to further improve service quality of Nanning subway line 1, the following adjustments will be made regarding its operation time and train interval time:

From 29th April to 1st May, operation time will be extended for half an hour (changed from 6:30-22:00 to 6:30-22:30), and the train interval time decreased from 8 minutes to 7 minutes.

From 2nd May, for working days, the interval time for Nanning subway line 1 will be reduced from 8 minutes to 6.5 minutes during 7:30-9:00 and 17:30-19:30 operating hours; interval time during other operating periods will stay the same as 8 minutes. For non-working days (including legal holidays and weekends), interval time will be reduced from 8 minutes to 7 minutes.

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