GX Airlines launches more than ten new air routes


It’s learned that at the end of October, GX Airlines will launch air routes from Nanning to Huizhou and Baotou, afterwards more than 10 air routes from Nanning to Jinan, Guiyang, Wuhan, Wenzhou and other cities, which will be more convenient for passengers.

It’s also learned that from October 30 on, GX Airlines will launch for the first time the exclusive direct air routes to Huizhou, Baotou and Huangshan, which include the flights from Nanning to Huizhou to Jinan, Nanning to Huangshan to Jinan, Nanning to Wenzhou and other places.

Meanwhile, GX Airlines will steadily implement branch air route network from provinces to provinces and to regional designations. After October 30, air routes from Nanning to Wuhan, Guiyang, Jinan and Wenzhou and other cities will be newly launched, which will further improve GX Airlines’ branch air route layouts.

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