Ticket price of over 80 scenic spots in Guilin drops during National Holiday


Having learned from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Price Bureau recently, the ticket price of over 80 scenic spots in Guilin will fall since the National Day this year. Price reduction plans for admission tickets of state-owned scenic spots and some sightseeing boats and other items in Guilin have been approved. The price of the admission tickets of most scenic spots or items has dropped by 20%, or 30% at maximum.

The price of 84 items including admission tickets and supporting services was reduced including 3 sections of sightseeing boats. Segmented into small categories, the item of sightseeing boats was generally marked down at a rate of 20%; admission ticket price of other scenic spots dropped at a rate from 16% to 30%, 20% mostly. In particular, the steepest drop in admission ticket price was Xiangshan Temple, which has reached 30%.

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