Baiheguan Tourist Resort


Baiheguan Tourist Resort is a national 3A-level tourist scenic spot, located in Baihe Mountain, Wuling Town, Binyang County, the hometown of Chinese artillery dragons. It is the most profound and largest landscape and cultural tourist area in the Daming Mountain Scenic Spot, Nanning. Baihe Mountain was called “Xianshan” in ancient times and Baiheguan was built in the Song Dynasty. It is said that Baihe Mountain was named for its ancient trees and white cranes. Since ancient times, it has been a geomantic treasure spot for celebrities to seek for enlightenment, self-cultivation and alchemy. It is also a place where local celebrities, sages and officials stayed in successive dynasties.

Baiheguan is a famous Taoist holy land in Guangxi. It has a long history and is famous for its magnificent mountains, valleys, rivers, flowing springs and waterfalls. Baiheguan Tourist Resort, with a very good ecological environment and a mild climate, is a holiday resort, covering an area of more than 3,000 mu. Relying on the natural and cultural tourism resources of Baiheguan, it takes the Chinese Taoist culture and bamboo culture as its themes, and Taoist, bamboo sea, mountain springs, lakes, canyons, waterfalls and folk tourism as its carriers to create the largest eco-tourism and leisure resort in Guangxi, featuring Chinese Taoist culture, bamboo eco-tourism, landscape, water recreation and Taoist health resort.

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