Fully optimize tourism environment to welcome guests


During this year’s National Day, Nanning Daming Mountain Scenic and Tourist  Area reopened smoothly, attracting tourists from around Nanning and inside and  outside Nanning. The National Day holiday received a total of 12,000  visitors.

The scenic spot was reopened to the public on the National Day and received  wide attention from all walks of life. During the preparatory work, the leading  group in the scenic spot strengthened leadership, commanded at the front line  and coordinated the forces; all sectors and departments coordinated and  cooperated, improved the mechanism and worked together; the grassroots Party  organizations gave full play to the role of the battle fortress, and the  majority of Party members set an example, charged the front, gave up their small  homes to take the overall situation into account, and united and led the  workforce to fight on the most difficult front line, using practical actions to  interpret the advanced nature of the Communists, singing the heroic hymn of  “Party Flag Fluttering on Daming Mountain, and Vanguard Promotes  Development”.

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