Nanning Jinwangjiao International Hotel


As an international high-quality comprehensive hotel, Nanning Jinwangjiao International Hotel is divided into main building and attached building. The main building is 22-storey high while the attached one is 7-storey high. With a total building area of 55,000 square meters, the hotel owns 353 luxury rooms, a Chinese restaurant and a western restaurant, featuring the best of Chinese and western cuisine. The hotel is decorated magnificently, reflecting the combination of modern and classic features, successfully deducting the European style of new classic and highlighting elegance. In addition, the hotel also has facilities such as chess and card room, fitness room, large parking lot, etc.

Address: No. 182 Minzu Avenue (near Langdong Coach Station and Nanning Expressway Toll Station), 275 meters away from the metro station of Langdong Coach Station.

Contact Number: 0771-3280888/0771-3280666

Check-in/out time: please check in after 14:00 and check out before 12:00 the next day.

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