Fenli, Yanjiang Delicacy Made of Rice


Fenli is a traditional delicacy in Long’an County, which is made of rice and enjoys a history of 2,000 years.

Recipes: grind quality rice into rice milk and rub it into small circular columns; steam them till medium well-done and dry them by airing. Once the Fenli cools down, they will be preserved in cold water to prevent cracking. In addition, water shall be changed constantly to preserve Fenli and prevent fermentation.

Fenli are generally served as a dish for Long’an people during the Spring Festival to signal an auspicious start for the new year (Li is a byword to lucky in Chinese). They will be sliced into strips and flakes and fried with ingredients like bacon, celery, cauliflower and garlic, ect. Alternatively, they can be cooked as noodles which shall taste fresh and delicious.


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