Rice Noodle from Yanjiang, Long’an County


Anyone who tries Yanjiang rice noodle speaks highly of it. Speaking of the truth, it outperforms other rice noodles in raw materials selection, grinding, steaming, and seasoning. Therefore, extraneous people would be a lucky gourmet to taste it.

Dating back to 1950s, a person named Cheng Jiazhi from Zhuang nationality ran rice noodle business in his Meiyi Restaurant. The rice noodle made by him is thin and pliable. Even get overly cooked, his rice noodles would not become a paste. In addition, it is applicable for multiple dishes made by stew, stir fry, roast or fry and can all bring out the best in color, taste, fragrance of the dishes. It can be served with soup, cold and dressed with sauce, or in the form of steamed vermicelli roll. People who have occasionally been to Long’an and wish to have a feast usually became its rushing fans.


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