Wonderful Xuanwu Culture Festival at Xixiangtang District


On December 2nd, the 2017 Charming Folk Custom Xuanwu Culture Festival of Xixiangtang District was held in Jinling Town. Tens of thousands of people were attracted by the activities here like running competition between tortoises and trionyxes, scrambling for treasures, etc. Besides, there were some popular activities such as featured agricultural fair, special job fair for poverty alleviation, specialties exhibition, etc. “Changpan”, the widely expected local folk song was also performed on the festival.

Jinling Town is well known for its special raising of tortoises, trionyxes, snakes and river fishes. On that day, the most interesting activity was the running competition between tortoises and trionyxes. At the word of command, the tortoises and trionyxes, which are usually slow in movement, were so spirited to charge at the finish line. The 2-year-old wattle-necked softshell turtle from Nan’an Village won the race out of 18 teams and was granted 888 yuan bonus for its owner Liao Binyu. The farmers also carefully selected the tortoises, trionyxes and snakes raised at home for a weight competition. In the end, the 36.6-jin tortoise, 22.8-jin fish and 6.75-jin snake (Jin=0.5 kilogram) were elected as “King of Tortoises”, “King of Fishes” and “King of Snakes” respectively.

Delivery of tortoises was also added to the event - Xuanwu Scrambling for Treasure. The competitors were required to deliver tortoises and trionyxes by rowing at Jinling Xuanwu Lake within given time, and those who delivered the most valuable species were winners. The competition represented the farmers digging out tortoises along Youjiang River at Jinling Town before, exhibiting the local people’s laboring scene in production and living.

The featured agricultural products trade fair involving big green date and passion fruit of Sanjing Village, red banana of Jinling Village, and chive of Sanlian Village manifested the local agricultural products of 12 poverty-stricken villages at Xixiangtang District and 16 villages (communities) of Jinling Town as well as the quality special brands established by the “one village, one brand” initiative, which have attracted merchants and customers from all over the county for purchase and cooperation.

On that day, the host invited many special delicious foods merchants and local brand snacks such as Nalong fermented bean curd and glutinous rice had attracted a large number of gourmets. Besides, the poverty-alleviation job fair was also held to provide jobs for poor families and villagers.

Meanwhile, “Changpan”, a local folk song in danger of extinction, was debuted. The inheritor of folk song at Jinling Gangde Village upheld the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress in the form of “Changpan” and allegro, which set off a wave of learning of the spirit and deeply rooted it in everyone’s heart.

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