Nanning holds exhibition of works by 4 painters and calligraphers


On July 26, “Ya Feng Mo Yun” Chinese Contemporary Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Series — the Exhibition of Works by Luo Jingjing, Huang Chengwen, Li Dedao, Huangpu was held in the Style Pavilion of Chinese Culture Park.

This exhibition was co-organized by Nanning Artists Association, Nanning Calligraphers Association, and Academy of Fine Arts of Guangxi Democratic League, and organized by the Guangxi Style Pavilion. It’s one of the “Ya Feng Mo Yun” art exhibition series activities, and has exhibited over 60 works of the 4 calligraphers and painters, which systematically show the accomplishments of the 4 calligraphers and painters in the exploration of painting and calligraphy art at current stage.

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