Bailongtan Town, Mashan County to hold the 3rd Hongshui River Drum Festival


2017 Monthly Eco-Sports and Tourism Event of Mashan, Home of Black Goat — the 3rd Hongshui River Drum Festival will be held on May 28th in Bailongtan Town.

The Drum Festival will integrate characteristic eco-tourism and folk customs, and fully showcase the charm of drum culture, promoting the development and communication of Hongshui River tourism and Zhuang drum culture.

The opening ceremony and folklore performances will focus on drum performing, meanwhile, Water Carnival activities of Special Vehicle Dynamic, the new highlight of this festival, will be launched, bringing tourists the excitement of modern sports like dynamic surfing, enthusiastic motorboat and water yoga. Besides, tourists can also enjoy the delicious Hongshui River fish feast and buy local aboriginal products with original ecology.

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