“Same Lijiang River with Diverse Scenery”: Mazu Cultural Tourism Festival opened in Pingle, Guilin, Guangxi


It is said that the Pingle Mazu Cultural and Tourism Festival in Guilin, Guangxi, with the theme of “Same Lijiang River with Diverse Scenery”, will be held in Pingle County from May 4th to 7th. The festival will host lots of activities, such as Mazu Sacrificial Ceremony, Mazu Patrol, Food Festival, Photo Show, Agricultural Products Exhibition, Industrial Products Exhibition, Water Show, Motorcycle Show, Song and Dance Performance, and Pingle Local Food Competition. During the festival, the government will host two sports events, which are the Canoe Polo Invitational Tournament and the Dragon Boat Contest, and two meetings, which are the Economic and Trade Exchange Conference and the Mazu Cultural Forum.

The Mazu Cultural Tourism Festival is a county-wide cultural festival. It is with large scale, many highlights, and many hooks. One is the opening ceremony of Mazu Cultural Tourism Festival. The opening ceremony will be held at the Yinshan Tourism Pier at 8 o’clock on May 4th. The festival includes activities such as Matsu Sacrificial Ceremony and Mazu Patrol. The others are the Canoe Polo Invitational Tournament, the Water Show, and the Guangxi Dragon Boat Contest.

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