Welcome to Rhododendron Tourism Culture Festival at Shengtang Mountain, Guangxi on May 12th


Rhododendrons blossom in May every year in Jinxiu, Guangxi. On May 12th, the opening ceremony of the 2018 Rhododendron Tourism Culture Festival with the theme of “Yao Autonomous County, the Great Beauty of Jinxiu” will be held solemnly at Shengtang Mountain.


Opening Ceremony (Sacrificial Ceremony of Gongde Festival)

When the flower is blossoming, it is time to extol merits and virtues. People can take this opportunity to walk into the mysterious and primitive Dayao Mountain to experience the intangible cultural heritage of Yao nationality handed down from generation to generation.

Time: 08: 00-11: 00, May 12, 2018

Place: Yaodu Square, Jinxiu County


“Elegant Demeanor of Five Yao Branches”, the Beauty Contest of Yao’s Clothes.

Jinxiu is the center for the study of Yao nationality over the world. It has the most branches of Yao and its cultural treasures are most complete in the world. This day will witness the gathering of five branches of Yao people in beautiful clothes.

Time: 15:00-17: 00, May 12, 2018

Place: Yaodu Square, Jinxiu County

The Fourth Shengtang Mountain Climbing Competition in Jinxiu County

The annual mountain climbing competition lets you enjoy the rhododendrons covering all over the mountain while heading to the top in the competition, which provides a feast for your eyes. Shengtang Mountain is absolutely a picturesque place. If you want to participate in the competition, please pay attention to the registration notice. Never miss such a great opportunity!

Time: 09:00-16: 00, May 13, 2018

Place: Shengtang Mountain, Jinxiu County

Treasure Hunting

This place is as beautiful as a landscape painting and is covered with the footprints of the Yao ancestors. The treasures hidden in Dayao Mountain by the ancestors are waiting for your hunting.

Time: May 12-May 20, 2018

Place: Qingshan Waterfall Scenic Area, Jinxiu County

Tourism Products Exhibition

During this year’s Rhododendron Tourism Culture Festival, the high-quality tourism products and native products will be gathered for exhibiting. Keep the beautiful scenery in your heart, and bring home the gift of Dayao Mountain.

Time: May 12-May 20, 2018

Place: Jinxiu County

Experiential Activities for Yao Medicine

Yao Autonomous County of Jinxiu is a longevity county. There are always many special skills in the deep mountains of the Yao nationality, and the mysterious Yao medicine is one of them. The experiential activities for Yao medicine including Wuhu, Jiuniu, Qishier Feng (names of Yao medicine’s prescriptions) are waiting for you.

Time: May 12-May 13, 2018

Place: Jinxiu County

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