Taiwan Flowers Industrial Park in Guangxi


Located in Nanning Economic Development Zone, Taiwan Flowers Industrial Park in Guangxi covers an area of 2350 mu, and there is a 300-mu sea of Galsang flowers in the industrial park. There is a section for precious big trees that can be bought or seen for free. Valuable trees such as podocarpus, Japanese Black Pine, Juniperus chinensis and Plinia cauliflora are introduced and cultivated from Japan and Taiwan. There are scenery trees and succulent plants cultivated by itself such as golden camellia, Dalbergia odorifera, teakwood, trumpet trees, Jacaranda mimosifolia, Osmanthus fragrans, Bischofia javanica and Sterculia nobilis Smith. The number of all these rare plants is over half a million. There are tasty food specialties, comfortable Taiwan home-stays, fine pet leisure inns and ecological parking lot that can accommodate 5000 cars. It has been chosen as “4-star (State-level) Unit of Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism in Guangxi”, “County-level Modern Agricultural (Core) Demonstration Zone in Guangxi”, “4A-level Scenic Spot for Rural Tourism in Guangxi”, “Demonstration Zone for Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism in Guangxi” and “Most Beautiful Village in Guangxi”.

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