Jinsui Ecological Park


Guangxi Jinsui Travel Co., Ltd. was established on December 17, 2014 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. The Company is independently invested by Guangxi Jinsui Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in the operation of tourism products such as investment in tourism projects, development of tourism resources and tourism scenic spots; advertisement planning, design and construction, hotel management, tourism scenic spot management services, conference service and other services. Based on the national “12th Five-Year” Development Plan and the implementation of the principle of eco-tourism development issued by the Tourism Commission of Guangxi, the company relies on the construction of a banana industry (core) demonstration zone in Long’an, Nanning, Guangxi. By excavating the local tourism resources with unique cultural characteristics, it strengthened the brand of banana culture and tourism, promoted the construction of Natong town as national key town, and led the construction of “beautiful Long’an” and “ecological countryside” of the whole county.

The first phase of construction project “Jinsui ecological park” has a total planned area of 15,000 mu. It is located beside the G324 National Road Nanbai Secondary Road in Natong Town, Long’an County. The construction of the park takes Dingdian Comprehensive Demonstration Village as its core, and focuses on banana industry agro-ecological leisure tourism village tour. As of December 31, 2014, the first phase of the park project covering an area of 3,515 mu has been completed. It has initially formed the normal function of reception and enjoyment of farmhouse for tourists, and there are grass garden, banana garden, orchards, vineyards, strawberry garden, vegetable garden, tomato garden and farmhouse restaurant, hotel, lake green road and other recreation projects. The park is committed to creating five-star agritainment tourist attractions and above 4A-level tourist attractions. The deepening construction of the project will help the county agricultural leisure travel as an important hub of Nanning west back garden base, at the same time, the completion of the project will promote the employment and income of local residents to a greater extent, further driving the opening and development of Natong Town as national key towns, and helping to enhance the city’s agricultural tourism brand. Due to the project’s public welfare and ecological environmental protection, it has also been recognized by local people. At present, a large number of local people have been recruited to work in the company and work together harmoniously to create a sound management model for the park, thus achieving economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit.

Address: Dingdiantun, Dingjiang Village, Natong Town, Long’an County


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