Guangxi Tropical Plant Science Park


Guangxi Tropical Plant Science Park, located in Yongwu Road, Nanning City, is established in 1973 and covers an area of about 200 hectares. It mainly engages in the research of tropical and subtropical crops' introduction and planting, high-yield cultivation, agricultural products processing, demonstration and promotion. It balances the work both in research and development and priorities applicable technologies. The park has introduced more than 1500 varieties of tropical and subtropical crops, such as golden camellia, miracle fruit, litchi, longan, mango, pepino melon, canistel, carambola, wampee, guava, wax apple, and loquat, etc. The park has a palm garden, a orchard garden of famous and high-quality fruit, Macadamia orchard, malabar chestnut garden and metasequoia forest, and among which the palm garden enjoys the most ornamental value and regional characteristics. The whole park has been built as a scenic spot that combines the subtropical plant sightseeing, popular science education with leisure vacation. It has high science popularization and tourism value.

Tips for tourist:

It is located in Guangxi Subtropical Crops Research Institute, Yongwu Road, Nanning. It is about 9 kilometers from the downtown area. Bus No.20 and No.212 are available to get there directly. It is about 3 kilometers away from Silver Forest Villa.

Address: Guangxi Tropical Plant Science Park is located in Yongwu Road, Nanning.


Tel: 0771-2045420

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