Nine Dragon Waterfalls


Nine Dragon Waterfalls Forest Park is a national AAA tourism zone that is on the southern foot of Zhenlong Mountain which is 1,140 meters above sea level. The tourism zone covers 1,640 square kilometers, of which 87.8% is covered by forest. An area less than 2 square kilometers are dotted with more than 20 waterfalls, among which nine are named after the Chinese character dragon. Therefore, the park is named Nine Dragon Waterfalls Forest Park.

Within the park, small streams converge to form magnificent scenery. It outperforms other tourism zones in Guangxi With its imposing mountains, fabulous waterfalls, solitude valleys and dense forest. It has a large area of primordial forest that is densely wooded and complex in layers. It contains also lianas and shrubs which obscured the light jointly with trees. The park is mainly for sightseeing. There are restaurants and shops within the park.

Tips: visitors can take the bus to Lingzhu Town of Hengxian County at Langdong Coach Station in Nanning and then rent a car to head for the park.

Mobile Phone: 13907813218.

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